Issue with Data Feed today 14 Mar 23 ?

dknaix edited March 2023 in Python client
Was facing issue with OI data around 9.30 to 10.00 did anybody else faced issue (websocket), please also tell is there were issue found in historical data in the morning found some errors today, not sure historical error maybe from by end but OI data issue might be from Zerodha side as same code running fine from past 4-5 months.
Please Confirm
  • rakeshr
    We can see OI is not updated from 09:23:00 to 09:48:00. As we stream data from exchange adapters, mostly it would not be updated from the exchange.
  • anuragroy11
    I also had some issues today with data, couple of wrong orders placed for my strategy due to stale market depth. Will try again tomorrow and post if I can reproduce.
  • suyash1418
    I also faced similar issues with same ohlc for some 5 min candles.
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