Delay in Zerodha Order Placement using Algo

So I have a python algo running that scans and places orders based on certain conditions.
The algo is deployed on AWS and has been working fine for the past month.
But for the past few days, I have been seeing a huge delay in orders getting placed by my algo on the cloud, vs the order getting executed in Zerodha.

Almost 4-5 mins delays for 15min timeframe. This is not a liquidity problem. The LTP hovers around my breakout levels for quite a while, but I'm still seeing huge delay. What could be possible reasons for this?
  • sujith
    You can fetch order history and check where it is getting delayed.
  • sujith
    Order history is only available for the orders that are placed today only.
  • Magnum
    I am away from my system and can't check order history.
    Was this a Zerodha-wide issue? I talked to a few traders, and they also faced similar issues.
  • rakeshr
    Was this a Zerodha-wide issue?
    No, there was no such order delay on 28th March. We publically announce all platform-wise issues here.
    Almost 4-5 mins delays for 15min timeframe
    Was this specific only to that 15min timeframe? Can you give more detail on 15min timeframes, like order logs, etc?
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