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I need to check MIS multiplier and lower/upper circuits for all stocks. Below are my questions:

1) Why https://api.kite.trade/margins/equity contains data for only 1025 stocks and not all NSE stocks? I shall use the same API or is there any other way I can retrieve MIS multiplier for all NSE stocks?

2) Seems like https://api.kite.trade/margins/equity also includes data for circuits but it only includes number like 1/3/5/20, I couldn't get how to interpret circuit prices with this data. Is there any other source I shall refer to have circuit prices in real time? Also does the circuit price changes every day or at any other frequency?

Thank you.

++ @rakeshr @sujith for visibility
  • sujith
    You can use margin calculation API to fetch multiplier or actual margin required. It is better to use this since it also considers your positions and pending order.

    You can fetch circuit limit data from the quote API.
  • zerodhaVyankatesh
    Thanks, I'll go through the sources you've provided and notify if have any further queries.
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