BankNifty Wednesday Expiry Sep06 or Sep07

dknaix edited September 2023 in API clients
When to adjust for new expiry, on monday morning should we switch to new expiry ? Please update about this
  • rakeshr
    Exchange needs to update the daily security file with the updated expiry date, once it is updated. It will start reflecting in the kite instruments file as well.
  • sillyatom
    is there a link where we can find the daily security file?
  • sujith
    You can refer to the documentation here.
  • dknaix
    Any idea at what time in the morning will we know surely, so that before market start we can adjust the expiry code if possible
  • rakeshr
    Expiry date in the instruments file for weekly Banknifty is updated to 2023-09-06.
  • mridulk
    A. This is really too short a time period for the updated instruments file. Effectively, the file is updated in the middle of the week of expiry change, of the most heavily traded weekly contract (in the world?). Not even one trading day of live testing available for the changed contracts.

    B. According to the notice - Banknifty Weeklies to expire on Wednesday. Monthlies on the last Thursday.

    What if monthly expiry (Thursday) falls on 25th of a 31-day month? Monthly contract to expire on 25th; 31st will be a Wednesday but will there be a weekly contract for 31st?

    Similarly, what if monthly expiry (Thursday) falls on 24th of a 30-day month?

    Are there any other contracts with such dual expiries or Banknifty is the first?
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