Trade incorrectness from Kite API ON 10-OCT-2023 [Ticket #20231012184565]

Hi Team,

I am a user of kite API. It happened around 2023-10-10 14:44:05, I placed an sl-order cancellation request through kite api and received a success response from KITE api. But in actual, that order went through and got executed. Ideally if SlOrder cancellation was successful then it should not get filled. Due to this, my Algo system placed another target order to exit the position.

How is this possible? I am attaching trade logs with Order Id (231010401371699).

2023-10-10 14:44:05: SL order triggered but not executed

2023-10-10 14:44:05: TradeManager: square OffTrade called for tradelD ac5fa7c4-e022-4762-8143-4251cda03544 with reason MANUAL

2023-10-10 14:44:05: zerodha Going to cancel order 231010401371699

2023-10-10 14:44:05: zerodha Order cancelled successfully, orderld = 231010401371699

2023-10-10 14:44:05: TradeManager: Successfully cancelled SL order 231010401371699 for tradelD ac5fa7c4-e022-4762-8f43-4251cda03544

2023-10-10 14:44:05: TradeManager: placing new target order to exit position for tradeID ac5fa7c4-e022-4762-8143-4251cda03544

2023-10-10 14:44:05: zerodha: Going to place order with params symbol-BANKNIFTY2301144100CE, exchange=NSE, productType=MIS, segment=EQUITY, direction=SHORT, orderType=MARKET, qty=90, price=0, triggerPrice=0, isFnO=True

2023-10-10 14:44:05
  • vukumail
    @sujith @rakeshr can you respond to above?
  • sujith
    A 200 for place order, modify order, and cancel order means the request is placed successfully. It doesn't guarantee the execution. Once you get 200 response, it is better to fetch order history for that order or fetch orderbook to see if the new order is created, or order param has changed or order status has updated.

    In a broader picture the request goes through multiple systems including Kite backend, our mini-RMS, RMS, OMS and exchange. A 200 response for modify request means request is placed but RMS might reject the modification or it might get rejected at exchange and it won't be updated.
  • vukumail
    That's new. Thanks for the info.
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