How to receive order status in KiteTicker socket

ticker.autoReconnect(true, 10, 5);
ticker.on("connect", subscribe);

ticker.on("ticks", onTicks);
ticker.on("order", onOrder);

Is this right way to do for order status notification.

onTicks is called
onOrder is not called. I manually created an AMO order in kite portal and updated. here it says on update it will be called Postbacks and non-binary updates

what I am misisng.

  • keerthi
    We should use ticker.on("update_order", onOrder);

    Still no notification on amo orders. will check in live market and update here.
  • keerthi
    Tried in live market . ticker.on("update_order", onOrder); is working
  • sujith
    Even in live market order update is pushed whenever there is state change or partial fill only. You won't receive order update for just placing an order.
  • smitvora
    @sujith is there any way to check possible ticker events ?
    as you said, "order_update" will only get the update order event, but not order_create event.
  • rakeshr
    is there any way to check possible ticker events ?
    No, other update events at the ticker websocket. You might have to periodically look out for orderbook open orders.
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