No volume and buy/sell quantity data today (27/11)?

Hello team,

I noticed that websocket streaming data for today isn't having volume or buy/sell quantity data.

1) How frequently websocket have such missing data?
2) Can zerodha team possibly notify us prior to such errors so traders will be aware of it and plan trading accordingly? Or is there any other way trades can get an idea of such scenarios before market open?

Please advise.


++ @sujith @rakeshr

  • DA1077
    Facing same issue here ... I am using dot net API and The Quote timestamp is coming as {01-01-1970 05:30:00} And Volume as Zero. This caused issues for my application... @sujith Please update on the data issue
  • DA1077
    Sorry... My Bad... Its market holiday ! .... Totally forgot !
  • zerodhaVyankatesh
    Please disregard this question, thank you for your attention.
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