Kite API vs Other API services

ANL edited December 2023 in Python client
I would like to hear about your user experience with the Kite API. Why is Kite charging 4000 rupees but other brokers provide free APIs? I have entered the Algo world by starting to use the Kite API service. So I never used other API services because I unaware other brokers' API user experiences. What are the things that make a difference on the Kite API?

Kindly share your insights on the Kite API and other API services. If you could briefly explain, it would be helpful. 
  • ANL
    @sujith @rakeshr can you please share your comments.
  • sujith
    sujith edited December 2023
    Kite Connect offers much more with just Rs 2000.
    > Kite Connect APIs are simple, robust and reliable.
    > The Rs 2000 for Kite Connect charges include GST.
    > Kite Connect API's historical dataset is bigger than any other offering.
    > Kite Connect APIs are scalable, tried and tested. Businesses like smallcase, sensibull, streak have been set up on these APIs.
    > Kite Connect offers eTags which will reduce bandwidth consumption drastically.
    > Kite Connect offers margin calculation, basket margin calculation API and virtual contract note as well.

    It may not be your concern but there is a huge underlying infrastructure cost as well.
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