Access token update issue

please help
same code running in both local and AWS but different results as local machine first updated access token after 10 am and AWS has second updated token after 12 pm
If the access token is old, will it affect the websocket data updates? Can I use both platforms at the same time with an older access token and a newer access token?
  • sujith
    Only one access token will be active for an app at any point in time. It is a regulatory requirement.
  • steve
    @sujith Alright. Will both the local and server work if I use the same access token simultaneously on both? Kindly provide any relevant threads.
  • sujith
    Yes, if you use one access token, it will work but make sure you don't breach rate limits.
    You can check out FAQs to know more about rate limits.
  • steve
    I understand. a single token for websocket API streaming. Will it eventually turn into a problem?
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