Not able to get accurate live ticker data via the kite connect api

I'm reaching out regarding my Kite developer account and the app I am developing using the JS framework provided by Zerodha at

Currently, I'm encountering an issue with retrieving ticker data from the API. While the data is supposed to be delivered every second, there are intermittent gaps where data is missing, sometimes data for up to 10 seconds worth of data is missing within a minute on average the misses are 3-5 seconds ticks missing in a minute, but even this is concerning. This inconsistency is problematic for me as obtaining real-time data is crucial for my trading activities.

Additionally, there are instances where single entries of data are duplicated within the same second (This is not a concern just something like YSK), although this is less of a concern compared to the missing data. Despite researching on discussion forums, I haven't found a satisfactory solution. This issue seems to affect users across various programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, and Java.

I've ruled out potential causes such as problems with the WebSocket, Wi-Fi connectivity issues, laptop sleep mode, and insufficient memory or disk space. Furthermore, it appears that even users who have hosted their code on cloud platforms are experiencing similar issues, indicating that the problem lies with the exposed API for tickers.

I've been actively following discussions in the forum for the past week, and I've come across a response regarding discrepancies in tick data, as explained here: However, this doesn't address my specific inquiry.

My main concern is ensuring consistency between the ticker data displayed in the Kite app and the data received via the WebSocket in my JS application. Currently, I'm experiencing discrepancies and inaccuracies in obtaining live ticker data through the Kite Connect API, which is the focal point of my inquiry. Given that you relay this data promptly upon receipt from NSE (potentially after minimal processing, around 5-10ms), the ticker data displayed in my Kite app should precisely match the data received via the WebSocket connection. However, I've observed discrepancies between the data shown in the Kite app and the data broadcasted to me through the WebSocket in the JS client library.

My request is simple: I aim for consistency between the data presented in the Kite app and the data delivered via the WebSocket. Since you already facilitate the transmission of this data to the Kite app, I believe ensuring consistency for my JS client is entirely feasible.

I would greatly appreciate your prompt assistance in resolving this matter. Ensuring consistent and reliable access to ticker data that gets shown on KITE app is essential for me.
  • sujith
    You can read more about the tick frequency on FAQs. Kite Ticker won't publish data every second. It will only send data when there is a change.

    Kite Ticker publishes all the ticks. There is no issue with the backend. You need to make sure you are not blocking the thread that is receiving ticks. The ticker for Kite web and Kite Connect app are same. Whatever you see on Kite app are published for Kite Connect also.
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