API Keys and Tokens for a constant logout issue

Currently my test app is logging out after hitting few requests (2/3) hence want to get things clarified.

As per Kite documentation, we have the following Key's/Tokens

Api Key - Fixed.
Api Secret - Fixed
Request Token - Gets redirected after we login through Api key.
Access Token - User generated
Public Token - User generated

Of the above keys/tokens,
i have read that one of them needs to be generated frequently after hitting 2/3 requests.
Which is it? and how frequently should it be generated?

Any info in ths regard is highly appreciated. Thank you.

KIte APi has sample code, which works for few requests, but the moment we try to hit 10+ requests, the session gets logged out and i get a token error. May i request a sample code which works for ~100 requests? So i could validate my code against yours. (any historical data for different instruments in a loop should be fine, for current validation.)
  • rakeshr
    Public Token - User generated
    It's not required for the generic kiteconnect user, but only for platforms developed using Kite Connect APIs, and exposed to the public.
    Access Token - User generated
    An access token is valid for the day until the same user tries to log in to Kite web/app. Simultaneous sessions is not allowed. This thread explains this in detail.
    So, your app will be able to make requests through out the day, until the session is logged out or simultaneous session.
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