Simultaneous sessions will stop working across Kite apps

tonystark edited March 3 in General

To comply with exchange regulations we will be disabling simultaneous sessions across Kite apps with immediate effect.
For example, if you log in to Kite Web and then later log in to Kite Android or iOS then Kite Web session will expire.
At the same time, only one session will be valid.

This will not affect Kite Connect apps.

Thank you
  • y_sravan
    this is rediculous...
    exchange regulations
    what exchange regulations exactly? can you quote them
  • krtrader
    1. I log in to kite connect at 9 AM having two instances running at the same time with same user id.
    2. then I log in to Kite web at 10 AM.
    Will any of the session be logged out?
  • RishiS
    RishiS edited February 27
    @tonystark Just to be clear, if I've logged into kiteconnect API and use it to query through the whole day from the program, then I log in through my android phone, it won't log out the kiteconnect API. Correct?
  • tonystark
    this is rediculous...
    Yes. I know. :smile:

    @krtrader @RishiS Like I said in the post:
    This will not affect Kite Connect apps.
    If you experience any issue, let us know.
  • Vaga
    Vaga edited March 2
    @tonystark I am using one access token to perform on one algo, another access token to perform 2nd algo and 3 access token to perform some backtest. Am I impacted by this change?
  • RishiS
    @Vaga I doesn't seem to affect me with simulations sessions in APIs
  • Vaga
    @RishiS Yes, it is working currently but is it intended to stop as well?
  • RishiS
    @Vaga He didn't say so. I don't know
  • shortwire
    @tonystark I am noticing that kite connect login logs me out of the web login. Is this something that is expected?
  • sujith
    This is because the kite connect login uses the kite web login. The solution is to log in to Kite Connect and then log in on the Kite web.
  • shortwire
    @sujith I understand what's the solution. My question was more to validate if this was due to the recent changes of disabling of simultaneous sessions as per exchange regulations. I had not noticed this behaviour in my last 2 years of using Kite connect.
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