Finding Strike Price by Passing Delta Value in Kite Connect API


I am working on an options trading strategy and need to identify the strike prices of call and put options based on their delta values. Specifically, I am looking to find the strike prices for options where the delta value is 0.35.

I would like to know if there is a way to achieve this using the Kite Connect API. Here are the details of what I am trying to accomplish:

Objective: Determine the strike prices of call and put options that have a delta value of 0.35.

Example: Suppose I want to find the call and put options whose delta value is 0.35. I need to pass this delta value in my code and get the corresponding strike prices.

Request: Could you please provide a detailed explanation or example code snippet on how to implement this in Python using the Kite Connect API? If there are specific endpoints or methods to use, kindly mention them as well.


Do I need to fetch the entire option chain and calculate delta values for each strike, or is there a more efficient method?
Any tips on handling this in real-time trading scenarios would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your assistance!
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