Announcing the official .Net API library

Dear developers,
Our official .Net API client for Kite Connect is out! It has 100% API coverage including WebSocket streaming and the new mutual fund APIs.

The source + pre-compiled DLL (/dist) + a sample project are available here:

The generated .Net docs are available here

If you spot any issues or have any queries, please post on the forum
  • ramprabhu77444
    Do we need to make any changes to our existing .net codes ?
  • Vivek
    @ramprabhu77444 Existing library is a third party tool and this is the official one. You might have to change your app to accommodate changes to API calls.
  • lethalstriker
    Do I need to get access token every time I run the code? Is it possible to use same access token every time I run the program for at least a day. Also, i got an exception in historical API when I want to get the 5 minute interval data for more than 3 months. The error I got was - "Difference between `to` and `from` dates for `5minute` cannot be more than 90 days". What is the use of historical API if I can't get data for more interval.
  • sujith
    sujith edited August 2017
    Please create a new thread with the issue, don't hijack unrelated threads.
    You can specify category as .NET API client while creating the thread.
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