Sandbox server

Hey just wanted to know if you have any sandbox / testing server. If not if i place an order with the current login information that i have will it go to market?
  • sujith
    Hi @hardik__,
    Sandbox is not yet available. It will be included in phase 2 of new APIs.
    If you place orders now, it will hit the live market. You can wait till market closes and then continue your testing.
  • hardik__
    Hey @sujith,

    If i place an order after the market will i get all the updates about the order?

  • sujith
    Hi @hardik__,
    Your order will be rejected and you will get postbacks for rejected orders also.
  • lijo
    hi @sujith ,
    I want to test my code while the market is not live. When I place the order, i will get the status as rejected.
    The question is, is it OK to call the order_place repeatedly (may be 30-40 times in an hour) (I am fine with getting the status as rejected)? Will my account get blocked because of this action?
    Please help me.
  • sujith
    Hi @lijo,
    You can make upto 3 requests per second.
    Make sure you won't hit that.
    You can place 30 to 40 orders in an hour.
  • xameeramir
    If you're looking for a mock environment try this
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