Using built in Kite features in programs

I know programming and can help the forum. However I have few basic and silly doubts. Would be grateful if some can can clarify:
Suppose I want to get a buy triggered if RSI crosses a particular value. Now my questions are :

1. Do I have to calculate RSI or will it be taken from KITE charts for a particular script?
2. Can I call different candlestick charts (say renko)from kite or do i have to write programs to generate the candles based on price data for specified time frames?
3. Can I list a number of scripts for which a program will be applicable or for every script I have to write separately?
4. I do not want full automation but want semi automation i.e. the buy / sell window of KITE to surface once the specified conditions are triggered. That means I will take the final call on BUY or SELL. Is it possible ? If yes, then no SEBI approval required. Correct Yes/No?
5. Payment is monthly i.e. a recurring expenditure? Yes/No
6. No need to pay for data purchase if I am a Zerodha client. Correct?
  • sujith
    Kite Connect is purely an execution platform. We don't provide support for writing strategies. Users have to handle everything at their end and place order on our platform.
    You can refer to this thread for materials.
    You can check out documentation just to understand the architecture.
    You can check out webinar which includes a breif demo.

    Kite Connect APIs can be accessed using a monthly subscription of Rs 2000.
    Historical data API is provided by Kite Connect but it is not a part of the base subscription. It is an add-on subscription which will cost you another Rs 2000/month.
    As an alternative, you can generate your own candles using the live market data which is provided as a part of the base subscription.
    We do provide historical data but it depends on the use case that you have to use our API or generate your own candle.
    If your use case is somewhat same as mentioned in this thread then I would suggest generating your own candles.
  • RP3436
    Hi Sujith ,
    I want to generate renko bricks on 1 minute chart. would require EMAs+RSI and parabolic sar . So should I need historical API data?
  • sujith
    In this use case, do you have to fetch the latest candle every minute and how much delay can your algorithm afford?
  • RP3436
    Yes I would require latest candle every minute , 30 seconds delay is acceptable but this much delay is not acceptable in order executions. That means my decisions will not be affected much if I get fetched data delayed by around 30 seconds but once i click the BUY or SELL BUTTON , same should happen as it is happening now when I trade on KITE platform.
  • sujith
    There won't be a delay in order placement. It will be instant same as Kite. We use the same APIs for our platforms also.
    You can give a try for historical data.
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