Trailing stop in Bracket order not shown on kite and seems like trailing stop is not trailing.

Hi ,

I have an open position in NIFTY17NOV10400PE (buy) via BO. where the trailing stop loss was sent as 1. The order was placed via API.

I cannot track the trailing stop loss via kite and also it seems the trailing stop loss is not working.
I bought the script at 93.60, the price for the script has gone from 98 to 96 to 95 and still the trailing stop loss has not been hit. Can you please show me how to correctly put the trailing stop loss and check it on KITE?

  • sujith
    sujith edited November 2017
    Hi @arsh_makker,
    It seems you specified target as 134 and stop-loss as 47, did you intend to exit at target for 227.6 and exit to cover loss at 46.6 and trailing stop-loss at 1?
    After the price moved to around 97.6, then your stop-loss would have been modified to exit at 50.6.
    If it didn't hit that price then it will not execute the order.
  • arsh_makker
    arsh_makker edited November 2017
    ok @sujith understood, seems like a misunderstanding at my end on the bracket order. Another question on the same lines.

    so let us say we have the follow situation:

    Current price of the target script is at: Rs: 100/-
    my target price which I wish to achieve is Rs 110/-

    Can I place a BO with the following details:

    buy price: 100/-
    square off: 150/-
    stop loss: 80/-
    trailing stop loss at 22/-

    so, when the script moves in my favor, in the following will the trailing stop loss trigger and by how many points.

    1. new current price: 101/-
    2. new current price: 110/-
    3. New current price: 120/-

    Please give at least two-three moves for trailing stop losses.

  • sujith
    Consider a bracket order is placed with a limit price at 100, target at 150, stop-loss at 80 and trailing stop-loss at 22. The values of target, stop-loss and trailing stop-loss are in points which means your target and stop-loss will sit that many points away from LTP.
    The first leg will get executed at 100 and then you target will sit at Rs 250 and stop-loss will sit at Rs 20. As trailing stop-loss is mentioned as 22. Trailing will start working only when price movement is in your favor. Let's say price moves from Rs 100 to Rs 122, then your stop-loss order is modified by the system to change the stop-loss value from Rs 20 to Rs 42.
    Until price moves to 122, trailing will not kick in.
    The minimum value for trailing stop-loss is 1 and target, stop-loss and trailing stop-loss must be multiple of tick size.
  • prakash.jj
    If the stock price is less and if I want to trail with say 20 do I do it?
  • Vivek
    @prakash.jj We have set a hard limit as minimum 100 paisa trailing stop loss for all the stocks so you can't set less than that. You can contact our support and clarify regarding this.
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