Does Kite Connect provides sandbox environment?

How I can test the integrated api's during non-market time? Also is there any sandbox environment where I can test APIS?
  • sujith
    We don't have sandbox environment yet. We will provide it in future.
    For testing, you can place orders post market and it will be rejected.
  • xameeramir
    If you're looking for a mock environment try this
  • sudhakarnraju
    mock environment is dead. Any timeline when Sandbox environment available from zerodha
  • ganeshv02
    Looks like the sandbox is not available even after many years now. I am also looking for one to effectively test the algos.
  • nileshxbhosale
    Surprising to see Zerodha is not providing a sandbox.

    Not having a sandbox environment to test API implementation is discouraging enough to use Zerodha API in the first place.

    Hope they will come up with a sandbox for API users.
  • blackCaesaris
    Are there any plans for a Sandbox environment? It seems very risky to use APIs without having the capacity to test them.
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