History Data (Even yesterday and day before are chargable)

Hi Friends
I developed code to get history feed of last two days but I am not getting it. IS THIS PAID SERVICE ?
following syntax i used
"obj_kiteweblogin.okite.GetHistorical(token, Histdate, Histdate, "day")"
  • Vivek
    Vivek edited December 2017
    Yeah this is paid service since day 1, you can subscribe to this from your apps edit page in Kite dev console. You were able to access it for last few days because we had some issue with one of our server authentication and its fixed now.
  • dbkumar
    Hi is there any method that gives me stock turnover (in lacs) ..?
  • sujith
    We don't provide fundamental data. Kite Connect is purely an execution platform.

    PS: Please create a new thread for new query, it might help someone who is looking for the same.
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