Weights of Commodity instruments

In the instruments list dump, can you also provide the weights for commodity futures?

For example, Crude Oil: 1 lot = 100 units.

If provided in the dump itself, it will save a lot of manual work of entering the weights for each one by looking up here: https://zerodha.com/brokerage-calculator

  • sujith
    Hi @ishwarm,
    You can check out commodity instrument's weights here.
  • ishwarm
    @sujith , I still don't see it at https://api.kite.trade/margins/commodity from the link you mentioned above.
    Let me know if I am missing something or has the commodity multiplier information not yet been added?
  • rakeshr
    Hi @ishwarm
    As commodity instruments lot size don't change, you can store lot size as dictionary in your code and access then accordingly.
    "ALUMINIUM": 5000,
    "BRCRUDEOIL": 100,
    "CARDAMOM": 100,
    "COPPER": 1000,
    "COPPERM": 250,
    "COTTON": 25,
    "CPO": 1000,
    "CRUDEOIL": 100,
    "GOLD": 100,
    "GOLDGUINEA": 1,
    "GOLDM": 10,
    "GOLDPETAL": 1,
    "GOLDPTLDEL": 1,
    "GUARGUM": 1,
    "GUARSEED": 10,
    "KAPAS": 200,
    "KAPASKHALI": 100,
    "LEAD": 5000,
    "LEADMINI": 1000,
    "MENTHAOIL": 360,
    "NATURALGAS": 1250,
    "NICKEL": 250,
    "NICKELM": 100,
    "POTATO": 300,
    "SILVER": 30,
    "SILVER1000": 1,
    "SILVERM": 5,
    "SILVERMIC": 1,
    "STEELRPR": 1,
    "CRUDEOILM": 10,
    "SUGARMKOL": 1,
    "ZINC": 5000,
    "ZINCMINI": 1000,
    "GOLDGLOBAL": 20}
  • ishwarm
    Are the commodity lot sizes guaranteed to not change in the future also? Otherwise, it is better to have these values in the API so that we can keep track of it...

    @sujith , is it possible to send the commodity instruments weights also in https://api.kite.trade/margins/commodity ?
  • sujith
    It has not changed from almost six years. For now, you can hardcode it at your end.
    In future, we will add it to the response.
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