Error in Websocket connection (New API)

Hi Team,

I am trying to move to new API and wrote this websocket conenction. But I am receiving error in connection.

Where as old API connection is working. Could you kindly tell what could be issue.

WebSocket connection lost: [Failure instance: Traceback (failure with no frames): : Connection was aborted locally, using.

BNS Kumar
  • sujith
    The new Kite Ticker takes access token for authentication. Are you sure you are sending a valid access token?
  • chimirala

    yes, I am sending it. I re-ran multiple times but no data.
  • Vivek
    Vivek edited February 2018
    Can you please update your package to version 3.7.0b5? Just added error logs which will show the actual errors instead of internal errors. You can update via pip

    pip install kiteconnect --upgrade --pre
  • chimirala
    I am using nodejs. Okay will update there too.

    Since nodejs show no output, I ran in python and got this error. Will update the library and check
  • chimirala

    I am receiving this error now:

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