Are there any limits on number of bracket orders per day?

__name__ edited February 2018 in General
There are two threads which contain conflicting information:

@vivek said in this thread that a maximum limit of 1300 exists while @sujith said in this thread that there is no limit on number of orders.

I am quite confused about it. Can you clarify which is correct?

  • sujith
    You can place any number of bracket order per day. There is a maximum cap on the number of requests per second that can be sent to Kite Trade. For current API rate limits, you can check out this thread.

    Once we completely migrate to Kite Connect 3, some API rate limits might change.

    In the above scenario, Saurabh was pacing 1 or 2 quantity orders for every couple of ticks movement which RMS considers as system abuse and hence it was blocked.
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