Query on availability of historical minute candle data and corporate actions

Hi Team,

I have the following queries:
1. Given a scrip (instrument_token) how to find the date from which historical minute candle data is available?
2. whether historical minute candle data are corporate action adjusted
3. Does corporate action changes instrument_token
  • sujith
    sujith edited December 2019
    We have intraday(1min, 3min, etc) data of up to three years and day data from 1990's for some NSE instruments.
    For BSE instruments, we have day data from JAN 2008. As of now, you will have to do trial and error to know the start date.

    The minute level data for is adjusted for corporate actions. It is applied for almost all instruments if you come across any instrument for which it is not applied then we will do it. It is basically done for all liquid instruments.

    A corporate action will not change the instrument token.

    Edit: We only do the adjustment for split and bonus corporate actions.
  • krishnanm2006
    Hi Sujit, Do we have minute data for NFO contracts as well?
  • sujith
    We don't have minute level data for expired NFO instruments.
  • saurabhR
    @sujith Do we have minute data for expired Index Futures Contracts?
    (E.g. BankNifty April 2018 contract)
  • rishiswethan
    I'd like expired contract data too. Is it available?
  • lakshmiraja
    hi , anyone give me quotes to get current banknifty strike price .
  • subhojit
    Hi ,
    How far back do you have the Nifty 50 and Nifty bank data ( 15 mins interval)?

    Thanks ,
  • rakeshr
    We have intra-day data of Nifty 50 and Nifty Bank from Jan 2015.
  • mlearner
    I have recently subscribed to Historical Data.

    Is it possible to provide Nifty 50 intraday data for time period prior to Jan 2015?

    5 years is a bit less for backtesting critical algos.
  • rakeshr
    Is it possible to provide Nifty 50 intraday data for time period prior to Jan 2015?
    Currently, we won't be able to provide intra-day data prior to 2015 for the Nifty Index.
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