How many orders can be placed and executed per sec through the excel

How many orders can be placed and executed per second through the kite excel api?
  • Twin_kim
    Plz help ... Need to know before I sign up for it
  • sujith
    You can check out this thread.
  • Twin_kim
    That old post from dec 17...As the 3.0 version is coming up .. and the api features will also be upgraded and also claiming faster better single socket and what not ... so want to know how many orders can be placed and executed .. plz help @sujith @botany02
  • botany02
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    Rate limits are not limitations, they are mechanism to prevent misuse of API.
    They have nothing to do with Kite3.0 or any future updates.
    Rate limits are entirely decided by Zerodha admin based on their server capacity, number API users, risk factors and peak API usage etc etc. Rate limits can be altered as required by Zerodha Admin.

    The current limit is 5 orders / sec at API level.

    You can send as many order requests as possible from KiteXL to Kite API server, there is no restriction at KiteXL level. But only 5 orders / sec will be executed by Kite API server.

    Assume you are sending 100 orders from KiteXL at 09:15:25 (exactly at same second, using multi threading)

    All 100 requests will reach API server, but API will process the first 5 orders and reject rest 95 orders.This restriction is applicable only for the set of orders that are sent in that second.

  • Twin_kim
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    @botany02 Thank you for your explanation, just to clarify , as you said only 5 orders will be excepted and rest will be rejected so does that mean it will go in pending status for 1 sec or get completely rejected and have to push next 5 orders ... plz help me understand
  • botany02
    The requests are completely discarded by API server, you won't get any Order Id i.e. your request is not forwarded from API server to OMS.You need to push next 5 orders.

    The key point is make sure you are not firing more than 5 orders in a sec.

    You will face issue when you need to square off all your open position at EOD, for entry you should not face as signals for each stock may get generated at different times.
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