Problem with historical data for 2014


I'm facing issues accessing the historical data for 2014. I've pasted the outputs I got from my terminal below. Please fix the issue.

Case 1: 2014-03-22

The historical API gives the 15minute candles for 2014-03-22, despite it being a Saturday. But it does not give any data if I select the interval as day. And the 15minute candles begin at 11:00AM.

>>> kite.historical_data(738561,'2014-03-22','2014-03-22','15minute')[0]
{'high': 443.8, 'volume': 2556, 'low': 443.8, 'date': datetime.datetime(2014, 3, 22, 11, 0, tzinfo=tzoffset(None, 19800)), 'open': 443.8, 'close': 443.8}

>>> kite.historical_data(738561,'2014-03-22','2014-03-22','day')

Case 2: 2014-03-24

The historical API does not give any data for 2014-03-24 when 'day' is given as interval. But it works fine when the interval is changed to '15minute'/

>>> kite.historical_data(738561,'2014-03-24','2014-03-24','day')
>>> kite.historical_data(738561,'2014-03-24','2014-03-24','15minute')[0]
{'high': 449.25, 'volume': 1128760, 'low': 445.55, 'date': datetime.datetime(2014, 3, 24, 9, 15, tzinfo=tzoffset(None, 19800)), 'open': 445.85, 'close': 448.98}

  • sujith
    We have intraday(1min, 3min, etc) data of up to three years and day data from 1990's for some NSE instruments.
    For BSE instruments, we have day data from JAN 2008. As of now, you will have to do trial and error to know the start date.
  • shm
    how much for the 3 year 1 min, 3 min data for NSE instruments?
  • sujith
    You can check here.
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