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I tried almost all the steps provided in the forum (Like excel macros settings, explorer trust site settings, cookies settings etc.,) , but not sure why i still getting blank screen when I login to KiteXL
Could someone please help me to resolve this, or can you share the latest downloads and steps please

  • xh2025XH

    is your login issue resolved? i am also facing same problem....

  • EquityOnSMS
    EquityOnSMS edited April 2018
    @botany02 Getting blank site when I'm login in new Latest KiteNet Version

    Though I can login by LOGIN MANUAL & TOKEN MANUAL.
  • HowUTrade
    @EquityOnSMS @xh2025XH

    The Inbuilt web-browser uses Internet Explorer to load page.
    Internet Explorer behaves differently on every version and operating system and for every user.
    Unless you are lucky, it may not work for you. Luck plays vital role here :)
    We are lucky, it works at our end Windows 2007 SP1 x86 Internet Explorer 11
    Though it take more time to load the Kite login page, but succeed at the last.
    Its not mandatory to use Inbuilt web-browser, you can use most modern browsers like Chrome, firefox etc.

    You can try the following;
    Make sure the following Url's present in trusted sites.

    Try opening the the login Url directly in the Internet Explorer, if IE has any problem in loading the page, it will be shown, you can narrow the issue. Inbuilt webbrowser will not show any error instead will stuck at that point.

    Do not use localhost ( as redirect Url as it requires web server to be running in your local computer.
    Instead use or any working website page as redirect url.

    Inbuilt WebBrowser at Action:

  • rkrpoluri
    Iam getting below error from KiteXL. Would you please guide how to resolve this issue. Should i first buy API . But it seems some technical error.

  • HowUTrade
    Kite is a COM class in our KiteNet.dll.
    You need to first install our Software in your system (which will register the KiteNet COM dll, after that any COM application like Excel can call functions from the DLL).
    You can download the software from our website.
  • rkrpoluri
    @Howutrade. Thanks. But this is happening after installation of Etatrader for excel from your website. Please advise.
  • rkrpoluri
    Awaiting your reply
  • HowUTrade

    If you are getting this after installation, then might be anti virus issue.
    Drop your contact details at [email protected] , we will connect and check.
  • rkrpoluri
    Sent a mail to you. Thanks
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