Converting Websocket Tick Data to OHLC Candlesticks for different timeframes.

I went through several discussions around this topic but did not find something that solved my problem. Currently I fetch the Historical 15 min Candles from the Kite api (from let's say 20 days ago to now) and then run my TA strategy on it. I am also using the Websockets to store the tick data using separate threads into InfluxDB. For Live trading, I need to update the Historical TimeSeries Data with the new candles. Here lies the problem.

a) How do I tie the 2 together. (Basically Generate the new Candlesticks and then append it to the Historical Candles as how do i guarantee the times - of where the Historical Candles Data ended and where to add the new Live candles)
b) Any good code-piece in Java for converting Tick Data to Candle Data. (Also is it better to do this in memory in Java or pull data from InfluxDb) ?

Warm Regards,
  • sujith
    We don't have code for this.
    You can go through this thread to get started.
  • phantomdrake
    Oh sure Sujith but i had gone through that thread. The more important questions is the timing issue between the Historical Data and Live Tick Data generated candles. How do you tie them up together ? Any good clues might help. Looking for a clean solution.
  • sujith
    You do get tick timestamp now. You can consider that to generate candles.
    A candle will contain OHLC formed using the logic mentioned in that thread.
    You will dump these candle data in your database and use it for all your calculations.
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