Get Rms Limits Entity Response : Request not registered


I am calling $kite->getMargins(); function using PHPClient and I am getting below error

App \ Classes \ KiteConnect \ GeneralException (500)
Get Rms Limits Entity Response : Request not registered

It worked for the first 4-5 requests and later started throwing this error.

Let me know what is causing this issue.

  • sujith
    Post-midnight OMS runs BOD process during this period it will not accept any requests. It happens until early morning.
  • vikaa_dalavi
    Solution to error
  • rakeshr
    You can request funds and margin data before BOD process(12:30 - 5:30 AM) start and store them at your end. It won't change unless you made payin during the BOD.
  • Indhuraj
    I have this Same doubt...(Now clear)
    And one more ..!??
    Can u pls tell me What's OMS & BOD means..!??
  • sujith
    OMS is the order management system. This is a backbone for placing orders at the exchange which is a solution by the Refinitv.

    BOD is the beginning of the day process.
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