Iphone Kite Publisher scrolling problem

Hello @sujith ,

I have a website where i have created a publisher in which when place basket window of kite is opened, it doesn't scroll because of it not able to click place button.

Please try to open an publisher basket place window in Iphone with 10 orders and try to scroll for place button. It will not scroll.

I have tried on two iphones and two browers i.e. safari and chrome.

Does any one have solution for this.

  • programmer
    programmer edited June 2018
    @sujith can you please go through the scrolling problem in iphone browers for kite publisher window. Today also tried in updated iphone, scrolling doesnt work also place button also not working.
  • sujith
    We will look into this.
  • programmer
    hello @sujith
    have your team looked in the solution given problem.
  • sujith
    This is on our list. We will look into this.
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