Bug with websockets order update

Hi @sujith @Kailash ,

It seems there is a bug with websockets order update in python client.
When websockets disconnects and reconnects for some reason, the order updates stop coming. Maybe there is some problem with re subscription after reconnect. Can you please check from your side.

I have observed this for 2 days now.
  • sujith
    There is no subscription logic for getting order updates via websockets. In fact, there is no logic for order updates in any of the kite Connect clients. The only code written in Kite Connect clients is parsing order update messages.

    Are you sure you are expecting order updates on the same user's websocket connection?
  • Ajax
    Ajax edited June 2018
    @sujith : I might be wrong when i said the bug is in python kite connect.

    My observation is that whenever I am subscribed to websockets with order updates, and there is a re connect, the order updates stop coming. You can try reproducing it at your end.

    And yes, I am expecting order updates of same user.
  • vineet_dhandhania
    @sujith Request kind updates on this. Thanks.
  • krishnakant
    I have been facing this issue too when there is a reconnection. Does the handler gets some how disconnected on a reconnect?

    Also, I receive a message on reconnect - No handlers could be found for logger "kiteconnect.ticker"

    @sujith Can you please update on this asap?
  • sagaranilganu
    If upon reconnect of the websocket there is no update to be done on that order (say order is cancelled, complete etc);
    does the on_order_update callback respond this last held update status?

    Request your precious comments!!
  • rakeshr
    We have answered your query here. Please refrain from creating a duplicate query.
  • sujith
    Order update is not a state-based event. It is a stream-based signal, whenever OMS sends an event, our system will fire order update via websocket if the client has any websocket connection and fire postbacks if an endpoint is setup.
    It is like a fire and forget process, there is no concept of caching and sending here.
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