what is co upper and co lower in margin api list.

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Hello @sujith i have reffered this thread but i am not able to understand the co lower and co upper terms can please elaborate.

{"margin": 0, "co_lower": 4.0, "mis_multiplier": 3.0, "tradingsymbol": "3MINDIA", "co_upper": 16.5, "nrml_margin": 0, "mis_margin": 33.0}
{"margin": 12.53, "co_lower": 2.0, "mis_multiplier": 0, "tradingsymbol": "ACC18JUNFUT", "co_upper": 3.76, "nrml_margin": 63562.0, "mis_margin": 25424.800000000003}

please elaborate that if co & bo margin caluclator shows 20x leverage or margin.

as you told in on thread co-upper and lower are in % terms also co-lower will be 4% and co-upper will be 16.5%(how trigger will be 16%)

but for bo order is it same.

and also for bo order does the leverage becomes half. ie 10x for stoploss and 10x for target. or it remains same for 20x

  • rakeshr
    Hi @programmer
    "co_upper":16.5% is the maximum SL ,client can enter from LTP and "co_lower": 4% is the margin requirement of contract value for CO.
    For BO, leverage is always as per stoploss, so it remains same i.e here 20x.
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