Unexpected issue with API

Today morning around 7 AM I generated the access token.
But looks like it got expired or some other issue & the API fetch is not working.
This kind of issues are happening frequently.

I am not sure what is the 2000 rupees subscription is worth of.
All the days 1 or other issue with API.

Please respond at least & explain the root cause.
  • rakeshr
    It happens at 7:30 AM. You can generate access token after 07:35 AM.
    @rakeshr @sujith
    This is not right.
    You guys do all your research at the weekends or post market hours.

    Generating token is not an issue.
    But as per documentation & comments on forum, it is valid for whole day & i was under the same impression.
    After starting my system, i generated the token at 7 AM & late hours only i was observing that that token is expired.

    I am not paying for such defects or carelessness of your support team.
    who is going to pay back my loss ? Do I need to commit loss for zerodha's mistake ?

    And remember this not the first time, it is happening very frequently.
    Just need to understand what your support team is doing ? Are they sleeping on their shifts ?
    They are suppose to monitor & take all proactive steps to make sure this kind of issues are not occurring.
    worst case, i must be notified that my token is expired if it is expiring before the defined timeline.
  • sujith
    This is not a bug. This how the system has been designed to work. You can generate the access token post 07:35 AM IST.
    If you are getting logged out frequently then you can check out this thread.
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