Kiteconnect OHLC Data


Assuming there is no sandbox introduced yet for kite connect, I am posing these questions.

1. Without historical data subscription, can I get the current trading day's 5min OHLC candles with kite connect subscription?
2. Say, execution of a BO led to multiple orders splitted by volume. Can all the orders be exited just with one parent order ID of original BO or each pair (target and stoploss) need to be exited separately?

If there exist a sandbox, I would be more than happy to try myself.
  • rakeshr
    1.No, you can't get ohlc data from Kite Connect, without Subscription.
    2.If main order is splitted in multiple orders,each split order will have different order id.And for each split order, their will be pair(target and stoploss).To exit either target or stoploss order of each placed order.You need to provide order id of that specific order(if stoploss exit placed, target will get auto cancel).
  • mmks
    Thank you. I assume that, main order id is the parent order id for all split orders. If it is correct, you may please close this thread.
  • sujith
    The order_id is the id of a second leg order, you need to specify parent_order_id as a part of query param.
    You can check out the example here.
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