What is the maximum number of ticks sent for a very active scrip??

I wanted to know what is the max frequency at which ticks are sent to the user.

For example if an "ABC" scrip is subscribed at the "FULL_MODE" and the price changed or/and there were some changes in the market depth quotation multiple times in a second.( lets just assume that number for the sake of argument to be : 10 )

So will the user receive 10 ticks that second or a 1 tick randomly selected from all these ticks ??

I gave the FAQ section of the site a go at : https://kite.trade/forum/discussion/4732/frequently-asked-questions

and found stuff related to tick frequency but they lacked clear answers, like here : https://kite.trade/forum/discussion/1291/frequency-of-ticks

This image is of a post from March, 2017. Where two claims (Quotes 'A' and 'B') are made, both contradicting each other.

Another post that I'm inserting here is from February, 2018 (present year). It says that the tick frequency in the kite3 (latest version) has been increased, but doesn't specify what it has been increased to, i.e, the exact number per second or the maximum frequency of the ticks.

Link to the post : https://kite.trade/forum/discussion/3382/controlling-data-tick-speed

So at the end I would like to repeat my Question : What is the maximum number of ticks that can be received for a very active trade-able entity at "FULL_MODE"??

  • sujith
    The new Kite Ticker's latency has been significantly improved compared to the older version. You can expect one tick per second on a liquid instrument usually. But rarely NSE sends two ticks per second.
  • Siddharthak
    " But rarely NSE sends two ticks per second." : so by this do you mean that the kite connect server is not limiting any tick frequency it all depends on the NSE ??

    and what about the other exchanges like BSE ??
  • sujith
    Yes, we don't limit tick frequency.
    Even for BSE, you can expect up to 1 tick per second.
  • Siddharthak
    If you don't limit any ticks on ur end you , by this >>> "up to 1 tick per second" you want to say that BSE is sending at the max just 1 tick per second ??

    NSE details its products into different categories in here - https://www.nseindia.com/supra_global/content/dotex/data_products.htm

    additionally i would like you to help me with one more related query >> If i'm not wrong zerodha is currently subscribed to level 2 exchange data, which should mean that kite server should be sending in a tick each time a trade is executed or the quotes are changed anywhere in the market depth section. But what i have noticed and double checked is that almost 75% of the volume is being traded in between ticks with no updates to the data. Can you please tell me why is that happening if you or the exchange is not limiting any ticks.
  • HowUTrade

    To put it simple:
    A liquid stock may be ticking more than 100 times in a second. A tick means any changes in the price like a trade has happened, or someone changed his limit price or cancelled a limit order or placed a new limit order at nth Bid/Ask etc etc....

    Out of that 100 ticks or more,
    NSE Server --> Zerodha Server
    Zerodha Market Data center will have capacity to receive only portion of ticks.
    Recently NSE has announced to provide free TBT to all its members, to utilize that TBT data, member/broker has to upgrade their IT infra. Even if broker receives TBT in their co-located server, it's nearly impossible to send all that data to trading platforms due to capacity restraints (through internet). If you want to receive all that ticks, you should place your system inside NSE (co-location) and connect with NSE using physical lines.

    From Zerodha Market Data center, individual platform has their own capacity.
    Zerodha Server --> Trading Platform
    Nest Trader/NSE Now Platforms receives >8 ticks per second for liquid stocks (true real-time)
    Pi Platforms receives >4 ticks per second for liquid stocks
    Kite Web/API receives appx 1 tick per second. Just like 1sec snapshot.

    The ticks received at platform is random like it may be anywhere within that 1sec
    You can check this by logging data received on different platform and compare.
  • Siddharthak
    @HowUTrade do you represent zerodha on this forum officially??

    and why was @sujith trying to mislead traders by saying " Yes, we don't limit tick frequency." when you mentioned that you clearly do ??

    And any plans for the Kite api to match up to the Nest Trader/NSE Now platform level which receives >8 ticks per second for liquid stocks (true real-time) ??
  • nithin
    @HowUTrade @Siddharthak

    Here is the link to exchange circular on market data.

    If you can look at Annexure 1, in all the three scenario's A, B, C - 5 depth 1 second refresh. This is how much exchange commits.

    Annexure 2 is for the new tick by tick data bit introduced this year.
  • Siddharthak
    Siddharthak edited September 2018
    @nithin thanks a lot for posting this link here.

    Do you think that the new tick by tick data bit (Annexure 2) introduced this year will result in increase in the number of ticks zerodha receives from the NSE, and will it subsequently result in increase in the number of ticks the user/trader receives specially on the kite API platform???
  • nithin
    @Siddharthak it isn't possible to consume tick by tick data and stream it via internet. Today it can be technically consumed only by a machine in colo. But yeah, we are looking at other ways to stream more.
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