NEST gateway timed out.

keshav_ edited November 2018 in Python client
got this error while running python code.

was unable to square off positions:
kiteconnect.exceptions.NetworkException: NEST gateway timed out.

can some one please explain what is this?
  • rakeshr
    Was it happening continuously? In case of such scenario ,handle exception and re-run position square off again.
  • sujith
    As the error describes, there was no response from the OMS.
  • sujith
    If this happens while placing an order you need to check the orderbook before retrying order or else you might end up opening the position again in the opposite direction.
  • AbhayM
    'NEST gateway timed out' - Am getting this error while trying to cancel an AMO order. Someone's advice needed urgently. Thanks!
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