maximum ticker limit exceded

@HowUTrade @sujith in kitexl there is this error
>maximum ticker limit exceeded , current limit is 500: now that is too much restriction , given the fact that documentation says 1000 tickers per websocket and 3 websockets per user.

by the way how to subscribe for second websocket?
  • HowUTrade

    This restriction is imposed at KiteNet level to prevent new users from misusing Excel/RTD.
    Web-socket connection is automatically handled by KiteNet and at-present KiteNet supports only single web-socket connection.
    So you can subscribe up to 1000 symbols only.
    It is not recommended to use Excel/RTD for 500 or more symbols.
    Excel/RTD uses Udp to receive data from web-socket.

    If your requirement is greater than 500 symbols, then you should try some other alternates. We removed ticker restriction, now you can subscribe up to 1000 symbols.
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