Is there a realtime getMarketStatus Call in the API to give open/closed

hi @sujith

is there a call in the API to check the status of the different markets, whether open or closed.
If trading in equities, currencies and commodities then it will a useful c
  • rakeshr
    Currently, we don't have individual APIs to check market status of different segment.You may use segment wise WebSocket feeds to check it.
  • yousuf
    Hi @sujith , rakesh

    could you please consider introducing this, , as this would be helpful.
  • rakeshr
    We are looking into this. As trading holiday calendar is pre-defined, it's easy to implement at your end.You can have list of equity,cds and mcx trading holiday's and skip your segment logic, if today's day falls in any of trading_holiday list,something like below :
    equity_holiday_list = ['2018-10-02','2018-10-18','2018-11-07','2018-11-08','2018-11-23','2018-12-25']
    cds_holiday = ['2018-11-21','2018-11-23','2018-12-25']
    mcx_holiday = ['2018-11-23','2018-12-25']
  • yousuf
    Thanks rakeshr, I am already doing this.
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