GetHistorical returns zero count

I have tried below to get historical , it returns zero historical count, no error message but still failed

  • sujith
    I just checked and it seems to be working fine.
  • Jegan
    looks very slow today, i use same logic for more than 3 months so far working file, but today i feel its very slow , Kindly cofirm
  • sujith
    Can you add more details about your setup?
  • Jegan
    I just use this setup only kite.GetHistoricalData("13423106",'2018-12-28','2018-12-28','day',false)
  • Jegan
    still very slow today also
  • rakeshr
    We checked for empty historical data at our end, can't find any issue.
    No lag is seen on any historical data APIs query at our end.
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