Can we create(register) users by using the API

Please forgive me if this is a noob question, but I gave a quick glance at the API and couldn't figure out a way to register new users. Is this something you expect people to do on zerodha exchange or there exists a way to onboard new users using the API
  • rakeshr
    Do you want to build app for public using kite connect APIs?
  • sujith
    The sign up for a broker is not that simple. It involves providing an address proof, income proof, identity proof, POA, adding nominee, IPV and much more. The process is more complex than opening a bank account.
    We only provide APIs for Zerodha clients.
    You can open an account here.
  • sapanparikh18
    @rakeshr Yes, that's what I was thinking. But can't be done it seems.
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