GETRTD returns 0 in the off market

GETRTD was returning values in the evening during Off market period, but after some time it is giving 0 as a result same in Off Market.
Could you please help
  • HowUTrade

    If you are getting data in MarketDepth Window (Excel) or GetLtp method, then Excel RTD might have corrupted. Excel RTD may corrupt for many reasons, the best solution is repair MS Office.

    You can refer this thread
    Kill Excel/Word/other office program Process from Task Manager if running,
    then try Repairing MS Office.
  • mayurpatwardhan
    Hello Team, Today was there a problem with GetRTD function as I was not able get any output using it since morning.
  • HowUTrade

    GetRTD is a UDF which wraps the complex excel RTD function, so that you can easily use it in a excel cell. Post market hours, you will get 0 for most of the field.

    Excel RTD is weird. Below are the some of the reason's that leads to RTD issues.

    Editing VBA while real-time data is streaming in Excel.

    Closing all excel workbook, doesn't mean that Excel program is closed. There may be some background thread that stops excel from exiting. In this case you have to kill the excel from task manager, before re-opening the excel workbook.

    Improper Error handing & for loop.

    While development, many more VBA codes added to junks, which causes excel to corrupt.

    && lot more un-known reasons.

    If nothing works, then Repair MS office.
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