Historical API - How to buy subscription?

Hi, I can't see the option to take historical API subscription in my developer account?
  • arjunkw3
    arjunkw3 edited February 10
    Same issue here. When trying to make calls for historical data, then getting insufficient permission error.

    PHP Fatal error: Uncaught PermissionException (403) 'Insufficient permission for that call.'

    Went to my app permissions section, can't see the access to candle data.
  • arjunkw3
    After looking around in deep,, i found out that Historical Data is an addon service of 2000 credits. Its available in your app page.
  • connectmike
    Okay, It means it will be visible once I take Kite connect subscription.

    Is there any documentation page for Historical Candle API which mentions restrictions on API calls, features etc?
  • connectmike
    Do we have any restrictions on candle API?
  • sujith
    You can check out FAQs here.
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