accessToken and publicToken expiry time

If i generate requestToken then at the same time generate accessToken and publicToken around at 1:00 AM night,
can i use this accessToken and publicToken from morning 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM for a whole market day ?
  • rakeshr
    No,Access token are flushed every day at 7:30 AM and new one is generated every day at 7:35AM.So, make sure you generate access token post 7:35 AM on the same trading day.
  • aakashps1995
    Ok @rakeshr,
    But if i generate access token at 7:35 AM,
    Can i use it for a whole day from 7:35 AM to 11:59 PM ?
  • sujith
    If you don't log out from any of the systems then you can use it.
  • aakashps1995
    @sujith I am not getting you,
    You are talking about which login,
    When i generate request token, just copy it then close browser,
    but never seen any different window.
    Are you talking about kite.zerodha login ?
  • sujith
    You can check out this thread.
  • aakashps1995
    Ok @sujith bro I got it
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