BANKNIFTY Options BO orders not going through

Hi, The BO orders fired for BANKNIFTY MAR 27600 CE are not going through.
The error msg says "MIS/BO/CO orders aren't allowed for this instrument".
But BO orders are going through fine for NIFTY Options.

Is this a temporary issue, or BO orders are not at all allowed for BANKNIFTY Options?
Or this is just an API issue (i.e. BO is supported, but not through APIs)?

Ramakrishnan S
  • rakeshr
    You can go through this thread, to know about new rejection reasons.
  • ramatius
    @rakeshr yes, I've seen the reason given. Request you to answer my two questions.
  • sujith
    RMS has blocked bracket orders for BANKNIFTY options whereas it is allowed for NIFTY options. This block is across all the platforms not only for Kite Connect users.
    For more information, you can contact the RMS team by writing or calling support.
  • ramatius
    Thanks. So I take it that the ban is temporary.
  • ramatius
    Hi @sujith Today the MIS order for BANKNIFTY 27800 CE went through fine from kite web, but threw error with API for BO. The msg is the same - "MIS/BO/CO orders aren't allowed...".
    Pls clarify.
  • ramatius
    @sujith any comments?
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