Not receiving any postback for order updates.


As per the kite api documentation, we are placing the order through kiteapp registered in the dev console.
We are not receiving any postbacks for any order updates.

We placed a buy trigger SL order
  1. The order was placed successfully.
  2. We verified the order status in kite webapp.
  3. The initial status was trigger pending.
  4. After a minute the order was marked complete in Kite web app.
We did not receive any updates of the order via postback.

We have also tested our postback end point with sample payload (using postman) mentioned in the kite api documentation and we are able to capture the payload.

Please let us know why we are not getting postback updates.
  • arjunkw3
    @sujith any updates here?
  • rakeshr
    We checked at our end, it's working fine.Are you sure,you entered a valid https URL for getting postbacks and also the certificate must be provided by issuing authority,not self signed.
  • arjunkw3
    arjunkw3 edited March 2019
    @rakeshr I have messaged you my postback end point to validate. The SSL used here is a valid SSL and not self signed.
  • arjunkw3
    After digging into this @rakeshr , it seems like an issue with my SSL certificate. I replaced my SSL with another certificate and it worked. The previous SSL cert had an issue which was this:

    The certificate is not trusted in all web browsers. You may need to install an Intermediate/chain certificate to link it to a trusted root certificate. Learn more about this error. You can fix this by following Sectigo's Certificate Installation Instructions for your server platform (use these instructions for InstantSSL). Pay attention to the parts about Intermediate certificates.

    I replaced it with another new SSL cert and it worked fine.

    Thanks for pointing out on SSL.
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