USDINR instrument token not working anymore?

I had been using the token 259 to get tick data of USDINR. It has stopped working today. Rather gives a 1970 dated tick. Kindly let me know what the new token is? I have looked through the instrument csv and I can't seem to locate it.

  • tonystark
    What is the complete trading symbol?
  • healthsecure15
    @tonystark wasn't working on 1st April started working the next day.
  • __name__
    1st April was trading holiday for currency.
  • rakeshr
    You can create holiday calender list at your end and don't run cds program on those day's.Something as below:
    cds_holiday_list = ['2019-04-01','2019-04-17','2019-04-19','2019-05-01','2019-06-05','2019-08-12','2019-08-15','2019-09-02','2019-09-10','2019-10-02','2019-10-08','2019-10-28','2019-11-12','2019-12-25']
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