Ticks are not coming today-8th April 2019 on websocket

Hi Everyone, Ticks are not coming today, does anyone has the same issue. I am using Java client and websocket connecion
  • hanzo
    i have the same issue.
  • satishrevunuri
    Zerodha Team, Any updates here please?
  • Vivek
    Hi, we had minor hiccup with ticker api and it was fixed before 9.15AM. CDS market wouldn't have received ticks for 10 mins after market opening.
  • satishrevunuri
    Hi All, I am receiving ticks on kite web socket problem is with my program. I am fixing it. So, kite working fine

    Thanks & Regards,
    Satish R.
  • sujith
    It was fixed in the morning itself. You can follow-up live updates here.
  • hanzo
    this bulletin would have saved me some hearburn. has this link been published? i had no idea it existed. it should be linked from this forum perhaps.
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