What Python IDE with KiteConnect works well for live trades

As a newbie I need to know some practical stuff related to KiteConnect Python Client APIs
1] Does PyCharm (3.2.18 Community Edition) with KiteConnect really works well for live trades or
2] Open source Python Interpreter (Python IDLE 3.6 - 32bit etc) is required / advisable or
3] Command prompt with a link to Python Interpreter is required / advisable.
4] Suggest the Laptop config min. req. viz. RAM, ROM, Processor & Speed required / advisable.
5] Does Kite app has anything to do with orders placed via Python script. Meaning if Kite app fails (full or in part) does it affect my trading from script.
6] Does any executed order (Buy, Sell or Modified) gets reflected on Kite App and can I execute it from the Kite App.
A valuable guidance is highly required!!
  • rakeshr
    1,2,3.You can use any python IDE(PyCharm,Visual Studio,etc).You are comfortable with.
    4. Depends on the requirement of your program computation logic.
    5. No,both have different order placement source.You can check kite connect underlying architecture here.
    6. Yes,order placed from kite connect APIs,will be shown under kite app orderbook.
  • sagaranilganu
    sagaranilganu edited April 25
    Thks for valuable response. But need to know;
    4] Say, if Pycharm used between 9:00 a.m till 3:30 p.m hunting all day :: advisable min. config reqd. ? Is it workable on mini laptop. Can you suggest any names?
    6] Can I trade (Buy/Sell/Modify) orders on Kite app which are placed from script and I stop the code?
  • rakeshr
    4.We have checked at our end on Visual Studio IDE, it works fine through-out the day.
    6.Yeah,all orders placed from Kite Connect APIs, will be shown under kite app/web order book,so you can sell/modify/cancel them from app/web.
  • sagaranilganu
    One last thing before closing : Any mini laptop suggestion?
    (My thought is to carry it to office with dedicated wi-fi dongle!! Is this too ambitious??)
  • sujith
    sujith edited April 29
    Kite Connect is just REST-like APIs which you will call to place order, fetch order, positions, holdings, funds, there is no computation being done by the library locally. So it really doesn't matter what hardware you use as far as Kite Connect is concerned.
    You can choose your hardware based on the computation logic you write and the outcome you are expecting from your algorithm.
  • sagaranilganu
    Yah! I certainly understood this n thanks for that.
    My algorithm in Python is somewhat ready. (my tailored algo + Kite API's => Actual )
    My Notebook is a bulky venture with all my data on it!!!
    My intention was to know if anyone already using any small lappy; which one to look for with minimum config?
    Thanks both for valuable guidance.
  • RH1333
    For all those who are looking for hardware choice, may be could move the setup to any cloud platform for uninterrupted connectivity and low computation charges.
  • sagaranilganu
    Ya. Have been knowing about it.
    Any service provider, feasibility and cost ??
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