GetHistoricalData Permission

Im getting this error , access token is working to retrive user info & equity available blanace etc , im unable to get historical candles .

Message=Insufficient permission for that call.
at KiteConnect.Kite.Request(String Route, String Method, Dictionary`2 Params)
at KiteConnect.Kite.GetHistoricalData(String InstrumentToken, DateTime FromDate, DateTime ToDate, String Interval, Boolean Continuous)
at KiteConnectSample.Program.Main(String[] args) in C:\Users\Kiran\Downloads\dotnetkiteconnect-master\dotnetkiteconnect-master\KiteConnectSample\Program.cs:line 262

Another question , do i have update my AccessToken ,on every API Call?
  • rakeshr
    You need to subscribe to Historical APIs to use (it has an extra charge of 2000 per month).
    To subscibe, you can go to app details page in developer login and on the right side, there is a section for ADD-ONs. You can subscribe to Historical APIs from the section.
  • rakeshr
    You need to re-generate access token to use historical data after subscribing for the same.
  • sujith
    Please make sure you don't post app or client specific details on the public threads. You can private message if you have to post them.
  • kiranMaya
    At first ,
    1. i got request token from redirect URL ,and saving this request token along with time generated to settings data
    2. next time when i am opening app ,im checking last time request token generation time with > 12 hours ,if less than 12 h,then im not doing any new request token login process ,im using old request token.
    3. , passed to generatesession method to get public and access tokens
    4. at last calling historical data,im getting same ,not sufficient permission exception .
    Thank for removing .
  • kiranMaya
    i have't paid historical ad-don ,there is no button for it.
  • kiranMaya
    okay ,my adblock is removed subscribe button. everything is resolved .Thanks for support .
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