supply demand strategy in python

anybody know how to code supply demand strategy in python?
  • ZI4453
    @sshiremath2000 .. We are getting top 5 supply and demand from postbacks ... You /developer should be able to build strategy on that .. I have already built one but getting confused to put all the pieces together (like reading data from postbacks , placing orders and evaluating buy/sell decision) i can hardly find a post which has sample working program which includes reading postback data and placing an order based on it ...

    @sujith - please consider udpating your documented with complete sample codes

    ->request access token-> subcribe to instruemtns->take decison-> place orders-> read order status->check webscoket for LTP-> place if
  • sujith
    Kite Connect is a purely an execution platform. We don't provide assistance for coding strategies. It is outside the scope of the forum.
    We have included examples on the Github repositories of the libraries. You can refer to those examples.
  • ZI4453
    @sujith , again - I am not able to put pieces together. I got my own strategy ...
  • Jigpylab

    i am using the above module to run my algo in python , uninterrupted for multiple days, you can fit your strategy . let me know if i can help you to fit your strategy on this module.
  • reddy20190
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