Kite publisher finished callback, rejected orders come back with success status


Is there any way of distinguising between rejected orders and orders that are placed successfully?

I have a dynamic kite publisher button for BuyCall NIFTY option

Detailed Steps:
I click on the buycall button, Zerodha popup appears
I click on place
Status comes as Rejected
I click on Finish
Zerodha popup closes , finished call back is fired with status success

I expected the status to be rejected. Is there any way that will provide me the eventual state of the order in addition to the status of the user actions?

Thank You,

  • Vivek
    Orders in basket have gone through to our OMS so redirect with status as success since orders getting rejected can be account related issues like margins shortfall etc. If order couldn't reach our OMS then it will redirect with failure status.
  • sujith
    In order to know the order status, you will need a Kite Connect app.
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